Remarks by Governor at the Release of the book ‘Incomplete Story of Animation’ authored by Shri Bhimsain Khurana

    प्रकाशित तारीख: November 30, 2016

    Remarks by Shri Ch Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra at the Release of the book ‘Incomplete Story of Animation’ authored by Shri Bhimsain Khurana at Conference Room, Raj Bhavan, Mumbai at 4.00 PM on Wednesday 30 November 2016

    Shri Mukesh Sharma, Additional Director General, Door Darshan, Shri Bhimsain Khurana, filmmaker and author of the book that we are releasing today, distinguished invitees, ladies and gentlemen,

    Good afternoon and greetings to you.

    First of all, my sincere apologies to Shri Bhimsain Khurana Ji for the inconvenience to him due to change in date of this programme because of my outstation visits.

    I am truly delighted that we are releasing the book ‘Incomplete Story of Animation’. The book has come from a veteran film maker and one of the pioneers of Animaiton films in India. The book has therefore immense academic value and I am sure it will be received warmly by students, academiciams and those who wish to make a career in the Animation film industry.

    Even though, the present generation may not not much about Mr Bhimsain Khurana, all of us in the previous generations are aware of his films which were in a class of their own.

    BhimSain Ji is a thinking film maker with a noble heart. He understand the pain and problems of the lower middle class. Not surprisingly his film Gharonda became such hit with the people, especially the middle class and the lower middle class.

    We need more people like him in the film making industry, and I would urge Shri Bhimsain Khurana Ji to write one more book on how to make good films like Gharonda !!

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    In his 1931 book, The Case for India, Will Durant, American writer and one of the greatest historians of the world wrote wrote, and I quote:

    “India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all.”

    India is the most happening place in the world. It is the most colourful nation in the world gifted with infinite diversity, cultural diversity, ethnic diversity, diversity of language, diversity of food, of cultural traditions. I believe that The story of India needs to be told to the world a thousand times.

    The best way to tell the story of India is through animation. Animation is an effective tool to reach out to the young audiences

    Mr Khurana informs me that Animation Industry in India is one of the upcoming industry and it is a 1.5 billion dollar industry. At this juncture we need hundreds of creative minds to come to the field of Animation film making.

    I wish and hope that the ‘Incomplete Story of Animation’ will serve as a starting point for young film makers who wish to make Animation films.

    As Chancellor of Universities in the State, I would like Media departments of universities to prescribe the book by Bhimsain ji and I am sure it will open to them new avenues for career in film making.

    I congratulate the author Bhimsain Khurana Ji for rendering a yeoman’s service to society by producing a book based on his observations and experiences and wish him all well.

    Thank you