Address by Governor release of book ABC of Broadcast News authored by Shri Mukesh Sharma and the preview of the short film on Sapna Sakhre

    प्रकाशित तारीख: March 21, 2017

    Address by Shri CH. Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra at the release of the book ‘ABC of Broadcast News’ authored by Shri Mukesh Sharma and the preview of the short film on Sapna Sakhre at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai at 5.30 pm on 20th March 2017

    Shri Mukesh Sharma, former Additional Director General of Mumbai Door Darshan, Smt Grace Pinto, CMD, Ryan Group of Educational Institutions, Shri Kiran Shantaram, former Sheriff of Mumbai, Shri Ramesh Sippy, Shri Bharat Dabholkar officials of Mumbai Doordarshan, all eminent personalities, my beloved little girl Sapna Sakhre, members of her family, ladies and gentlemen,

    At the outset, I extend a warm welcome to all of you to Raj Bhavan. Many eminent personalities from media, film and entertainment industry and from other walks of life are present today and my special welcome to all of them.

    Also, my sincere apologies to Shri Mukesh Sharma for having to change the date of this programme on a couple of occasions because of my travels to Chennai where I am holding additional charge as the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    A new author is born today ! Until now, we knew Shri Mukesh Sharma as the Head of Mumbai Door Darshan, as Producer and as Creative Head of Door Darshan. It was he who gave a new identity to Mumbai Door Darshan. Hereinafter, he will be also known as a writer and academician on media studies.

    By writing this book, Shri Mukesh Sharma has done a great favour to media students, and through them to the viewers also.

    Mukesh ji has spent nearly 37 years of his service with Prasar Bharati. He has played a long and illustrious innings as the Director and later as Additional Director General of Door Darshan.

    These last 37 years of his service have witnessed several transformational changes in India. It has witnessed the opening of the economy and the revolution in the telecommunications sector.

    Post-1995, India also witnessed the arrival of private television channels. Beginning with one television channel, the all – pervasive, Door Darshan, we now have at least 500 television channels in our country.

    At least one-fifth of these are 24 by 7 news channels.

    At any given point of time, you can listen to the latest news, ‘expert views’ and ‘noisy debates’ on the news channels. You cannot escape news !!

    Today there are television channels in all regional languages. There are TV channels dedicated to lifestyle, food, fashion, cinema, sports, business, comedy, tragedy, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha !!

    Many State Assemblies are also keen to start their own channels ! Some Gurus and religious preachers also have their own television channels. The viewer is thus spoilt for a choice.

    This revolution was accompanied by the Internet revolution. Then, there was the arrival of mobile phones and smart phones.

    Today, people are watching entertainment programmes, videos and even news on their mobile phones and computers. Social media and whatsapp have added another new dimension to the delivery of content.

    Our people are very smart. They will watch censored news on television channels. Thereafter they will watch the ‘uncensored’ news on whatsapp. Obviously the job of Mr Pehlaj Nihalani and content regulators is becoming tough!

    Due to increase in news channels, there is increased demand for young and trained journalists in the electronic media. Today even citizens have become journalists and broadcasters.

    It is therefore utmost necessary that people who wish to enter the field of broadcast journalism and even those who want to become citizen journalists are aware of the ‘ABC of Broadcast News’.

    Mr Sharma’s book has come at the most appropriate juncture and I do hope that it will be welcomed by universities, media departments, colleges, students and citizens alike.

    In a very simple language, Mr Sharma has explained concepts like ‘What is news’, how to capture Good Videos, how to write a good script, how to record the Piece to Camera, how to conduct Interviews, and so on. I congratulate Mr Sharma for producing this excellent book. I also convey my appreciation to Smt Sharma and the publisher of the book.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    A very special young girl is sitting in our midst. Her name is Sapna Sakhre. There was a news in The Indian Express in Pune last year that a girl, all of 12 years, sings Bhajans and does Kirtans to support her families. Sapna’s father suffered an accident and became immobile. With the help of her grandfather, Sapna learnt the art of singing bhajans and doing kirtans. Today she is supporting her family, while also pursuing her studies. Sapna is now in the eleventh standard. When I read her story, I was deeply touched. In her I saw a role model for ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Badhao’.

    When I narrated the story of Sapna to Mukesh Sharma Ji, he agreed to make a short film on the life of Sapna. Today I want to congratulate Mr Sharma and Producer Mr Ashok Bhingarde who took great pains in making a fine film on Sapna. I wish and hope that Sapna’s story of grit and determination will help change the perception of society towards the girl child. I convey my appreciation to Sapna and wish her all well in studies and life.

    Once again, I congratulate Shri Mukesh Sharma for publishing a book and also for his help in documenting the story of Sapna and wish him all well.

    Thank you