Address by Governor at the inauguration of the 5th Yoga Protocol Training Camp organized by the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board at K.C. College,Churchgate,Mumbai

    प्रकाशित तारीख: June 17, 2019

    Address by Shri CH. Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra at the inauguration of the 5th Yoga Protocol Training Camp organized by the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board at K.C. College, Churchgate, Mumbai at 1100 hrs on Monday, 17th June 2019

    Prof. Suhas Pednekar, Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Trustee and Past President, Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate Board, Shri Anil Harish, Trustee and Past President, Shri Kishu Mansukhani, President, Shri Dinesh Panjwani, Secretary of the Board, Shri Subodh Tiwari, Administrator, Kaivalyadhama, Dr Hemlata Bagla, Principal K C College, Principals of other sister institutions, teachers, staff, NSS Coordinator and volunteers and my dear students,

    I am indeed delighted to be here, to wish you, ‘all the very best’, as you get ready for the Yoga Protocol Training Camp, ahead of the International Day of Yoga.

    At the outset I congratulate the Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate Board, the University of Mumbai and the Kaivalyadhama for their collaborative effort in organizing the Common Yoga Training Camp for the benefit of NSS volunteers and students for the last five years.

    The Hyderabad Sind Board institutions, in particular, deserve our compliments for training over thousands of Interns and Yoga Master Trainers, thereby sustaining the Yoga movement among the youths.

    As the biggest university in the state in terms of student enrollment and number of affiliated Colleges, I do feel that the University of Mumbai must strive to stage the biggest gathering of students on the International Day of Yoga.

    Sisters and brothers,

    In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on 27th September 2014, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi had appealed to the United Nations to declare 21st June as International Day of Yoga.

    Responding to the appeal made by our Prime Minister, the United Nations declared 21st June as the International Day of Yoga.

    It is a matter of immense pride for all of us that the entire world is today celebrating World Yoga Day. There will be Yoga demonstration and display in New York, in London, in Beijing, Tokyo, in South American Countries, in African countries and every other country. Yoga has caught the imagination of the world and people are practicing yoga all through the year.

    The International Day of Yoga is a tribute to all our past great masters who invented Yoga, evolved the practice of Yoga and propagated it, for the benefit of humanity. Yoga is one of the most precious gifts given by India to the world and humankind.

    As future citizens of this great nation, you are inheritors of this intangible heritage from our sages and seers. It is our collective responsibility to carry this legacy forward to posterity by practicing and propagating yoga.

    Yoga is not just a set of exercises to keep the body fit and healthy. Yoga is our assurance for good physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga has the potential to transform youths into better individuals and good human beings.


    The biggest strength of India is its youth power. We have the largest young population in the world. By next year, that is by 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, almost 8 years younger than an American or a Chinese.

    Nothing can stop India’s march towards becoming a developed nation of the world, if our youths are empowered with good health, better education and best employable skills.

    We often talk of skill development and skill enhancement. I believe that India has the potential to provide trained and skilled Yoga teachers to the entire world. Some of the Yoga Masters and Yoga Interns should seriously think of taking up Yoga teaching as a profession.

    Through Yoga we are sowing seeds of tolerance in every mind. As these seeds germinate, we will have a complete human being, who respects the religion, region, philosophy and diverse viewpoints of fellow human being.

    I believe that the quality of self-restraint and tolerance that one develops through the practice of yoga can help us create peaceful and harmonious communities.


    Today lifestyles of people are changing drastically. Between my generation and yours, eating habits have changed, working hours have changed and sleeping hours have reduced. But, people are more stressed today than ever in the past. The stress is bringing with it, several lifestyle diseases.

    It is a matter of great concern that the burden of diabetes and other lifestyle diseases in India is growing at an alarming pace. Heart diseases are striking at much younger age. Yoga can help us prevent the progression of lifestyle diseases including diabetes.

    Yoga is also one of the fastest growing industries. India must tap the growing interest of Yoga in the world by opening Yoga schools and retreats. Yoga has also found its way in almost every element of wellness travel. There are new travel concepts like Yoga Cruises, Yoga & Surf, Yoga & Sports, and Yoga & Ayurveda programs. I will call upon the Hyderabad Sind Board to think of creating a chain of Yoga Schools, in association with Kaivalyadhama and the University of Mumbai. India must become the hottest destination for Yoga tourism.

    The International Day of Yoga has opened immense opportunities and possibilities, that are waiting to be explored.

    I wish and hope that after their successful completion of Yoga training, each trained NSS volunteer will teach the Common Yoga Protocol to at least 5 persons.

    I will call upon the Universities to ensure that all University Departments and all affiliated colleges have trained youths to teach the Common Yoga Protocol.

    With these words, I congratulate the Hyderabad Sind Board, the host College, the University of Mumbai, Kaivalyadhama and to each one of you on the occasion of launch of the Yoga Protocol Training Camp and wish you all good health and happiness.

    Thank you

    Jai Hind ! Jai Maharashtra !!