Address by Governor at 43rd International Convention of GIANTS International

    प्रकाशित तारीख: December 17, 2017

    Address by Shri CH Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra at the 43rd International Convention of GIANTS International at Yogi Sabhagriha, Dadar, Mumbai at 1000 hrs on Sunday 17th December 2017

    Shri Subhash Deshmukh, Hon’ble Minister for Cooperation, Marketing and Textiles, Government of Maharashtra, Shri Nana Chudasama, World Chairman of Giants International, Smt Shaina NC, World Chairperson, Giants International, Smt Sonali Bendre, Actor, Smt Priti Shah, President, Giants Group of Chowpatty, Smt Sharmishtha Shah, Convention Chairperson, distinguished personalities on the dais, office-bearers and members of Giants International, recipients of the GIANTS International awards, ladies and gentlemen,

    A very good Sunday Morning to all of you.

    I am indeed delighted to be in your midst to attend the 43rd International Convention of Giants International and to present the GIANTS International Awards.

    I extend a warm welcome to all national and international delegates who came to Mumbai especially to attend the International Convention.

    GIANTS International is the first India-based International Service organization which has left its imprint of committed social work, not just at the national level, but also at the International level.

    Giants International has a history of 45 years of distinguished service. During these years, it has touched the lives of millions of people in many different ways.

    While service to humanity has remained the core objective of its existence, the organization has undertaken projects in various fields such as Family Planning, Health, Education, Disaster Management during Natural Calamities such as earthquakes and floods, etc. It has also undertaken environmental projects, extended support to the differently-abled and implemented Water Harvesting Projects, AIDs & Drug Awareness programmes and such other public spirited activities in India & abroad.

    The nation has seen the work of Giants International in the relief and rehabilitation effort during the earthquakes at Latur and Gujarat and during the floods in Mumbai.

    I have come here to congratulate Giants International and to each one of you for your silent yet significant services to the nation.

    I want to convey to you that I am proud of you, Maharashtra is proud of you and the nation is proud of you.

    Dear Giants,

    The Giants International owes its existence, work and expansion, to the dream and work of one public-spirited individual, Shri Nana Chudasama. He thought of creating a ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made by Indians’ organization way back in the year 1972. Creating an organization is one thing, nurturing and building it over a long period is entirely a different thing.

    The expansion and work of Giants International is a testimony to the vision of the founders and the vast good work done by the organization,- the credit for which goes to Mumbai’s beloved former Sheriff Shri Nana Chudasama, Shaina NC and to each one of you. I am very glad and very proud that Miss Shaina NC, as Chairperson of Giants International, is carrying forward the legacy of her illustrious father with dedication and passion.


    GIANTS International is an organization of good men and women who are doing many good things for the society. There are business leaders, captains of industry, workers, doctors, Chartered Accountants, engineers and other professionals who are working with Giants. What drives them, is the passion to improve the lot, of society; an urge to bring the less privileged persons on par with the fortunate ones.

    Today we are acknowledging and felicitating Giant Members and officials who have done their bit, for the society. GIANTS awards is a huge recognition for their efforts and I am sure it will encourage them to do even better for the society.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    India has emerged as the most youthful nations in the world. By 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, which would be 8 years younger than the average age of a Chinese or an American.

    Today many countries are looking up, to India to meet the requirement of human resources in their country.

    There are two directions in which we can go. If we educate and empower and skill every youth of India, we shall transform the youthful population into a Demographic Dividend. However, India’s demographic dividend will become “demographic liability” in the absence of adequate skill development. I want Giants International to become a facilitator in the process of Skill Development. You may also encourage business organizations to create more apprenticeship positions so that our youth will gain hands-on work experience which they might find useful while pursuing a career.

    There is one distinct thing about the young generation. Today’s young is willing to contribute to the development process of the nation. Their ideas may be different; their approach may be different. But there is tremendous yearning amongst our youth to transform our society for the better. This is an extremely positive development. Aware and engaged youth are a force that can truly transform our country and enable it to get rid of poverty, disease, underdevelopment and ignorance. I want Giants International to channelize the youth power in the service of the nation.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    As Governor, I happen to be the Chancellor of 20 public universities in Maharashtra. I often attend Convocations in these universities. I find that in 8 out of 10 cases, top awards and Gold Medals are won by girl students. Unfortunately, when it comes to the employment market, the number of women drops significantly. There are very few women in Research Organisations, on Boards of businesses management and other professions. Even today, there are few women in our legislatures and parliament, when compared to their population percentage. We have to create a more enabling atmosphere for women to join the discourse of development. I have no doubt in my mind that women will change the whole narrative of development and make India a superpower if we enable and encourage more women to join every profession and decision making bodies.

    A survey conducted by an American think tank covering 22000 publicly-traded companies in over 91 countries, showed that companies employing 30 percent and more female executives earn more profits. So it makes sound economic sense to employ more women.

    Giants International is fortunate to have been led by the very dynamic and ever cheerful Shaina NC. She is a natural multi-tasker. A party spokesperson; a World class designer and above all, a committed social worker. I have no doubt in my mind that Shaina Ji will inspire more women to join the movement and the field of social work.

    Once again I congratulate all the GIANTS International awardees and wish the Giants movement grand success.

    Thank you

    Jai Hind ! Jai Maharashtra !!