Yoga is the priceless gift given to the entire world by India – President Ram Nath Kovind

    Publish Date: December 28, 2018

    Mumbai, December 28:- ‘Yoga is the priceless gift that is given to the whole world by India. Yoga helps connect human being, society, nations and the world with each other,’ said President of India Mr Ram Nath Kovind.

    He was speaking at the program organized on the occasion of completion of 100 years of The Yoga training institute at Bandra- Kurla Complex (MMRDA) ground today. Mr Kovind appealed the Yoga training institute to give more contribution in the coming years for the welfare of the human development .Wife of President Mrs Savita Kovind, Governor of Maharashtra C Vidyasagar Rao, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Union Minister of state for health (AYUSH) Shripad Naik, mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, Director of Yoga Institute Dr Hansaji Jayadeva and people from various fields were present on the occasion.

    President Kovind further said that today, Mumbai is the economic and cultural capital of India. Besides the art, culture, science and spirituality related to human life, the courses of Yoga are also run. He said that for the publicity and promotion of yoga many great leaders have given valuable contribution. He also said that though this institution has completed 100 years successfully, yet in the coming years it has to give more contribution for balanced development of the society and health of the common people. He also said that he is happy to learn that ‘Truck Aasan’ has been created for the truck drivers. He said that yoga helps in connecting human body, mind and soul, too and this has been accepted at international level.

    Dadabhai Naoroji contributed a lot- Ram Nath Kovind

    President Kovind said that various great leaders have devotionally worked for making the democracy the democracy of India sustain and live long. One of them was Dadabhai Naoroji. This year, we are celebrating his birth centenary year and he will always be remember for his contribution in various fields. The president said that Dadabhai Naoroji had a lion’s share in the creation of Yoga Institute. So in his birth centenary year, we will be paying him heartfelt devotional tribute.

    Yoga helpful for all age group

    Ram Nath Kovind said that in the year 1934, The Yoga Institute has released a book which included the gimmicks of how the yoga can be made easy. He said that this book has important ‘Aasans’ for women and it was beneficial for youth, children, elderly citizens and other sects of the society. He said that practicing yoga is helpful for maintaining the health of human being and since the year 2015 every year we are celebrating International yoga day on 21st June.

    Yoga is meditation of humanity

    President Kovind, speaking further, said that yoga is the meditation of humanity. It has the power of connecting all the nations with each other. He also said that Indian government is committed for the proliferation and publicity of yoga and it was not been limited till our nation, but we have made it vast and the entire world is practicing yoga today. Many youth including male and female were given the prestigious PadmaShree awards for remarkable contribution in the field of yoga.

    Yoga is an ‘Art of living’

    Yoga does not belongs to any community, caste or religion, but it is an ‘Art of living’. If we learn and practice the art of yoga we can develop our mind, body and the entire personality. For giving the education of yoga to the new generation, many states have included the study of Yoga in the curriculum of the colleges. Mr Kovind appealed all to take the benefit of the yoga art and be fit and healthy in the hectic Lifestyle today.

    Yoga helps keep body and mind healthy- chief minister

    Speaking on the occasion, chief minister Mr Devendra Fadnavis said that the world has now accepted the ancient art of yoga. Now it has got international recognition. In last 100 years, The Yoga Institution has taken Yoga to every house and help the people stay healthy. In future too, we expect that the institute will help make healthy community and healthy society. He said that yoga does not only keep the body healthy, but also the mind. If the health of any person will be good, then the health of his family will also be good and when the family will be healthy, the entire nation will be healthy. In this manner The Yoga meditation can help keep the entire world healthy.

    Union Minister of state for health AYUSH, Shripad Naik said that keeping in mind the lifestyle today, learning of yoga is very essential. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the slogan ‘Swach Bharat, Swasth Bharat’ (clean India, healthy India). So while achieving the Swasth Bharat objective, yoga is very necessary.

    A book named ‘Yoga for All’ authored by the director of Yoga Institute Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra was also released at the hands of President of India. The program started with the playing of Santoor by famous artist Rahul Sharma. The documentary depicting entire history of hundred years of the Yoga Training Institution was shown.