Maharashtra Governor calls for blending of science and spirituality for human welfare

    Publish Date: June 21, 2018

    The Governor of Maharashtra CH. Vidyasagar Rao today called for blending of science and spirituality to create a humane and caring society. The Governor remarked that the power of spirituality can be harnessed to address some of the challenges like violence, stress, cruelty and corruption faced by the society.

    The Governor was speaking at the launch of the International Ahinsa Research and Training Institute of Spiritual Technology ( I – ARTIST) on the occasion of International Day of Yoga at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai (21st June).

    The institute, created under the auspices of the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (Deemed University) will work to validate the scientific basis of spiritual practices cutting across religious lines.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said, human society is facing a multitude of problems such as violence, stress, cruelty, greed, corruption, dejection, ill health and others. He said, the biggest challenge is to manage ourselves as individuals, as society and as humanity. In this connection, the Governor felt that blending of science and spirituality could help in addressing some of these problems and create a just and caring society.

    “Science can teach us how to grow more food, but spirituality can teach us how to care for the hungry and the needy. Science can help us develop the best of medicines, while spirituality can teach us how to tend to the suffering person. Science and technology can help us build houses and bridges, while spirituality can help us provide shelter to the poor and build bridges of humanity. This blending of science and spirituality will help in creating a caring society,” said the Governor.

    The brochure of I – ARTIST and the English translated version of Acharya Tulsi’s book ‘Suyagado’ (सुयगडो) was launched on this occasion.

    Mangal Prabhat Lodha, MLA, Muni Mahendra Kumar, Professor (Emeritus) Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute, Muni Kamal Kumar, Muni Dr Abhijit Kumar, Ravindra Sanghvi, and other eminent persons were present.