Maharashtra Governor asksyouths to become job – creators 

    Publish Date: January 17, 2020

    The Governor of Maharashtra BhagatSingh Koshyari today appealed to the youths to become enterpreneurs andemployment – creators. Stating that the old education system was designed tocreate employment seekers, the Governor asked the youths to become employmentcreators to build a new and prosperous India. The Governor was interacting withstudents at the 46th Annual Day of K P B Hinduja College at BirlaMatushree Auditorium in Mumbai on Friday (17th Jan). The Governor told the students thatknowledge without character and humility had no value. He asked youths to set theirown goals and strive hard to achieve those with discipline and determination.  The Governor assured Hindujas of hisfull support in their efforts in forging international collaboration in highereducation. Will establish ‘Hinduja University’ Speaking on the occasion, Chairman ofHinduja Group Ashok Hinduja said the group is keen to establish a world class ‘HindujaUniversity’ by collaborating with world class universities. In this connection,he said the group is looking for collaborating with the London School ofEconomics. He hoped that through this initiative, he hopes to prevent the BrainDrain. Principal Minu Madlani read out theannual report of the College.  GovernorKoshyari presented the Rolling trophies to the Best Students on the occasion. Solomon Raj, Adviror, Hinduja Groupand Paul Abraham, Chairman, HInduja Foundation and teachers were present.**