Jews are jewels of India’: Governor

    Publish Date: January 13, 2019

    175th Anniversary of Shaare Rason Synagogue in Mumbai

    ‘Jews are jewels of India’: Governor

    The Governor of Maharashtra CH. Vidyasagar Rao today said that the Jews are jewels of India who have made multifarious contributions to the socio-economic progress and development of the nation.

    Mentioning that there is very little knowledge about the jewish community of India among the people, he felt that there should be a separate chapter in school textbooks describing the brilliant work and philanthropic contributions of the jews to India and particularly to the State of Maharashtra.

    The Governor was speaking at the commemoration of completion of 175 years to the establishment of the Shaare Rason Synagogue, popularly known as ‘Navsachi Mashid’ in Mumbai on Sunday (13th Jan).

    The Shaare Rason Synagogue, the second oldest synagogue of the Bene Israeli Jews is located at Masjid (Dongri). However, in view of the constraint of space at the Synagogue, the commemoration function was held at the Magen David Synagogue at Byculla in Mumbai.

    Captain Yaakov Finkelstein, Consul General of Israel in Mumbai, Rabbi Ya’aqob Menasseh, Rabbi Romiel Daniel, Solomon Sopher, President of the India Jewish Congress, Judah David Samuel, President of Shaare Rason Synagogue, Sinora Kolatkar, Manager and a large number of members of the jewish congregation from Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Raigad and elsewhere were present.

    Addressing the gathering, Mr Vidyasagar Rao said completion of 175 years by a Synagogue in India is a tribute to the country’s culture of religious harmony, accommodation and respect for all faiths and religions.

    Stating that the Bene Israeli community came to Maharashtra thousands of years ago, he complimented the community for getting assimilated with the Maharashtrian society in a spirit of perfect harmony and brotherhood.

    The Governor presented the Lifetime Achievement Award of the World Jewish Congress to Solomon Sopher, President of the Indian Jewish Congress for his work for the welfare of the Jewish community in India.

    The Consul General of Israel Yaakov Finkelstein said that the Jewish community in Maharashtra with its population of less than 2000 is extremely small compared to the population of Maharashtra of 120 million. He thanked the Governor of Maharashtra for his efforts in granting the minority status to the Jewish community in the State.

    Rabbi Ya’aqob Menasseh and Rabbi Romiel Daniel offered prayers. An ancient musical horn, Shofar, was blown to commemorate the occasion.