Farmers’ Economic Growth Path From Airline Traffic Business – Governor CH. Vidyasagar Rao

    Publish Date: January 16, 2019


    Farmers’ Economic Growth Path

    From Airline Traffic Business

    – Governor CH. Vidyasagar Rao

    Mumbai, 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target to double the income of the farmers by 2022, for achieving the goal airline traffic business will be of huge help in increasing the income of farmers and retail growers , Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao said. He was speaking at the concluding ceremony of the two-day International Conference on Global Aviation Summit. Union Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu, Minister of State Jayant Sinha were present on the occasion.

    The governor further said that the global airline industry is growing rapidly. The International Civil Aviation Organization has predicted a 100% increase in global air flow by 2030.Government has taken many good initiatives for the growth of the country’s air traffic industry. The country’s air traffic business is one of the key factors in the economy growth. Several major decisions have been taken in the last four years. In this, important strategies for civil aviation and regional connectivity have been assessed. Airline service has been launched from Shirdi.

    Over the next two decades, the picture of India’s air traffic is going to change, the number of currently 187 million passengers will increase by 1.12 billion passengers annually. There will be huge opportunities for investment in basic infrastructure development and updates. It will also require a large number of skilled manpower for the airline industry. The airline business is going to be important for tourism growth. The Governor also praised the plans made by the State Government for the success of this conference.

    At this time Mr. Prabhu said that the suggestions and informations received at the conference would be useful in determining future direction. He said that the movement has started to make India a hub for air traffic. People from 83 countries expressed their views on important issues like air cargo policy, drone policy. This conference has decided to fulfill the dream of ‘Flying for everyone’.

    Minister of State Mr. Sinha said that the country will continue to be in the world’s top three in the field of air traffic. He emphasized on the need to increase the country’s contribution in the field of aircraft manufacturing.

    At this time, the mission sentence of “Making India The Next Aviation Hub” was inaugurated by the Governor.