Education Branch

    The Education Branch of the Governor’s Secretariat provides secretarial assistance to the Governor in the discharge of his duties as Chancellor of all the Universities in the State. At present there are 22 Universities in the State.

    Universities in the State
    University Type No. of Universities
    Traditional Universities 11
    Agricultural Universities 4
    Technological University 1
    Open University 1
    Sanskrit University 1
    Health Sciences University 1
    Animal & Fishery Science University 1
    Cluster University 2

    The Education Branch deals with, among other things:

    • Files relating to the appointment of Vice-Chancellors,
    • Statutes and Ordinances received from all the Universities before they are submitted to the Chancellor for his assent/approval,
    • Appointment of Chancellor’s nominees on the Senate, Executive Council, Academic Council,
    • Accounts Committee, Selection Committee, Buildings and Works Committee and Legal Advisory Committee,Convocations,
    • Meetings of the Senate, Executive Council; conferment of Honorary degrees;
    • Meetings of the Joint Board of Vice-Chancellors; Enquiry Committees;
    • Writ Petitions; Appeals; representations; complaints and election petitions received by the Chancellor and Interpretation of the provisions of the University Acts and Statutes.

    University Acts.

    1. Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 [PDF – 890 KB]
    2. Maharashtra Agricultural Universities Act, 1983
    3. Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University Act, 1997
    4. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Act, 1989
    5. Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Act, 1989
    6. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act, 1998
    7. Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University Act, 1998
    8. Prevention of Malpractices at University- Board and Other Specified Examinations Act- Maharashtra 1982. [PDF – 962 KB]
    9. Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994

    Recent Amendments in the Acts

    1. Amendment to the Traditional Universities Act [PDF – 775 KB]
    2. Eligibility conditions for appointment of VC, MAFSU [PDF – 454 KB]
    3. Eligibility conditions for appointment to the post of VC,BATU, YCMOU & KKKSU [PDF – 1.9 MB]
    4. Amendment to the eligibility conditions for being elected or nominated as a member of any authority of the university.
    5. Corrigendum in eligibility conditions to be elected and nominated [PDF – 75.2 KB]
    6. Corrigendum to eligibility conditions for the members to be elected nominated [PDF – 53.5 KB]
    7. Terms & Conditions for appointment to the Vice Chancellors of traditional Universities [PDF -282 KB]
    8. Eligiblity-conditions for appointment of Vice Chancellors of non Agril. Uni [PDF -265 KB]
    9. Amendment to the MU Act for the Post of Pro-Vice Chancellors [PDF – 85.6 KB]
    10. Amendment to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Act [PDF -90.8 KB]
    11. Eligibility conditions for appointment of VC, MUHS [PDF -176 KB]
    12. Amendment to BATU Act [PDF – 129 KB]
    13. Eligibility and terms & conditions for appointment of VC, Agricultural university & Amendment to Act [PDF – 5.3 MB]
    14. Amendment to MAFSU Act [PDF – 390 KB]

    Orders passed by Chancellor

    1. Orders passed by the Chancellor under Section 108 of the MU Act, 1994 on the petitions challenging the validity of elected, nominated and co-opted members of various authorities of the Universities.
    2. Orders passed by the Chancellor under Section 78(7) of the MU Act, 1994 on the petitions challenging the selection and appointment of University teachers.
    3. Orders passed by the Chancellor under Section 9(4) of the MU Act, 1994 on the petitions in the matter of suspension or modification of any resolution, order or proceeding of any authority or officer of the University.
    4. Orders passed by the Chancellor under Section 96(2) of the MU Act, 1994 on the petitions regarding withdrawal of degree or diploma.

    Chancellor’s Nominees on the Management Council, Academic Council and Senate of the Universities [PDF – 77.3 KB]

    Initivaies by the Chancellor [PDF – 115 KB]

    Reforms in Higher Education