30.09.2020 : Governor applauds the work of Govt Hospitals in fighting Covid – 19

    Publish Date: September 30, 2020

    Doctors, medical staff from JJ, St.George, GT and Cama Hospital feted
    Maha Governor applauds the work of Govt Hospitals in fighting Covid – 19

    Stating that the death rate in India due to the novel Corona Virus Disease was among the lowest in the world, Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari today expressed his appreciation for the doctors, nurses and medical fraternity for their dedication and devotion in reducing mortality and saving precious lives. Complimenting the doctors, specialists and medical workers in govrernment-run hospitals for their exceptionally good services, the Governor expressed the hope that the death rate in India due to Covid -19 will come down below one percent within the next one or two months.

    Governor Koshyari was speaking at a felicitation function for Covid-warrier doctors and medical staff of four major Government-run hospitals organised at his initiative at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai on Wednesday (30 Sept).

    Director of Medical Education and Research Dr T P Lahane, Dean of Sir JJ Group of Hospitals Ranjit Mankeshwar, Medical Superintendent of St George Hospital, Cama Albless Hospital and G T Hospitals, Branch heads, matrons, sanitary inspectors and other Corona Warriors were felicitated at the hands of the Governor.

    The Governor said Indian culture venerates mother, father and the Guru as Gods. He said after the outbreak of Covid -19, people are rightly regarding doctors, nurses and medical staff as Gods for turning out as life saviours.

    Mentioning that he always prefers government hospitals, the Governor said all the 50 and odd staff members of Raj Bhavan who tested positive were cured by the government hospitals.

    The Governor paid his tributes to medical workers, police, sanitary workers who lost their lives to Covid -19 during the last six months.

    Doctors actually sat near Covid patients to save patient lives

    Director of Medical Education and Research Dr T P Lahane said that the doctors, nurses and other medical staff were true Corona warriors as according to him they served the Covid patients in ICU knowing fully that they might catch the infection anytime.

    Dr Lahane said that the death rate of Covid patients admitted to St.George and G T Hospitals was among the lowest compared to other hospitals. He said that doctors and nurses at the hospitals actually sat near the critical Covid patients to monitor their healths and save their lives.

    He said the death rate in Maharashtra due to Covid 19 has come down to 2.6 per cent from a whopping 50 per cent. He said the State had 120 ventilators in March, today it has 1490 ventilators, 1650 ICU beds and 3,60,000 beds for Corona patients.

    Principal Secretary to the Governor Santosh Kumar delivered the welcome address while Dr Akash Khobragade, Medical Superintendent, St George Hospital proposed vote of thanks.