Maharashtra Governor inaugurates International Ramayana Sammelan

    Publish Date: November 28, 2019

    End Date:31.12.2019

    Maharashtra Governor inaugurates International Ramayana Sammelan

    The Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari has said that the epic of Ramayana gives the message of harmony and universal brotherhood.

    He said society will produce a generation steeped in ethics and moral values if youths imbibe the virtures of Lord Rama.

    The Governor appealed to the people to take inspiration from the study of Ramayana and strive to create a just and fair society as envisaged by the concept of ‘Ramarajya’.

    Governor Koshyari was speaking at the inauguration of a 3 – day International Ramayana Festival in the campus of University of Mumbai, Kalina on Thursday (28th Nov).

    The Ramayana Sammelan with its theme ‘Vaishwik Paridrishya Mein Shri Ramakatha’ has been organized by the Department of Hindi of the University of Mumbai in association with the ‘Shri Bhagwat Parivar’.

    Bhagawatacharya Rameshbhai Ojha, Vice Chancellor of University of Mumbai Suhas Pednekar, Pro Vice Chancellor Ravindra Kulkarni, Japanese Hindi scholar Dr Tomoko Kikuchi, Head of the Department of Hindi Karunashankar Upadhyaya and Ramayana scholars from India and other countries were present.

    Japanese scholar Ms Tomoko Kikuchi said many people in Japan are familiar with Ramayana as the epic has been translated into the Japanese language. She said Ramayana is a cultural link connecting the world that can help in establishing world peace.