26.01.2021 : Speech by Governor during the program organized to mark 71st anniversary of the Republic Day

    Publish Date: January 26, 2021

    Speech by Maharashtra Governor Shri. Bhagat Singh Koshyari during the program organized to mark 71st anniversary of the Republic Day on January 26th, 2021 at Shivaji Park, Mumbai.

    Brothers and sisters,

    1. First of all, I offer my greetings to citizens of Maharashtra on the 71st anniversary of the Republic day.

    2. I have chosen to speak in Marathi and to start with I seek blessings of Shri. Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli who rightly described Marathi language and its greatness by saying, Majhya Marathichi Bolu Kautuke, Amrutaatethi Paija Jinke’ (`माझ्या मराठीची बोलू कौतुके, अमृतातेही पैजा जिंके’) which means that my Marathi language is so great in taste that the words uttered in this language would even beat heavenly Amrut. In the beginning, I offer my salute to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Jotirao Phule, Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj, Bharat Ratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and other legendary social reformers.

    3. It is the 61st year of foundation of Maharashtra. The State has made commendable progress in all sectors including agriculture, industries, technology, arts and culture, music, sports, health and education in the last 61 years.

    4. As you know, the Covid-19 virus was spreading in the world right from the month of January last year and the first patient was found in Maharashtra in the month of March. As soon as my Government had smell of virus spread and possible pandemic, it took efforts to reduce virus spread and waged a combat against it with a sense of responsibility. I appreciate from my heart the efforts put by all the Covid warriors.

    5. We are fighting unitedly against Covid virus for more than last nine months and even though the number of Covid patients has come down, we need to remain vigilant. My Government has taken many decisions keeping the health at the centre point of planning. All government machineries worked day and night hand in hand with the health apparatus of the State. That is why while ending the year 2020 we welcomed the New Year with positive beginning and lots of hope.

    6. In days to come, we need to exhibit the same courage as we did earlier and remain alert about health by adopting new lifestyle with self-discipline. Also, we should give utmost priority to maintaining social distance using masks all the while and ensuring hand wash regularly.

    7. We implemented ‘My Family My Responsibility’ campaign successfully for creating awareness among citizens. We complied information on the status of health of 12 crore persons by reaching out to 3 crore families during this campaign. For bringing the Covid situation under control, Jumbo Treatment Facility Centres along with 500 private and Government laboratories were set up in record time, so that cost for testing could be brought down to 20 per cent. In addition to this, task force of doctors was created in every district.

    8. Though we faced calamities like Covid-19, hailstorm, Nisarg cyclone, untimely rains and Bird Flu we are marching ahead in all sectors. During the Covid crisis state received financial blow but my Government took different measures to come out of this situation. We are combating all these calamities with might and determination and I am confident that we will keep the tradition of development of Maharashtra by converting calamity in to opportunity.

    9. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. We have implemented Mahatma Jotirao Phule Farmers’ loan waiver scheme a year ago to make farmers free from any financial concern. So far, we have given benefit of Rs. 20 thousand crores to 30 lakh registered farmers and my Government has launched a campaign of `whatever is sold would be cultivated’ i.e. pikel te wikel campaign for farmers. Under this campaign, projects of developing district-wise and crop-wise 1345 value chains are being implemented. As part of this Balasaheb Thackeray Agri-business and Rural Transformation Project has been initiated.

    10. I am also happy to mention that the State Government has purchased cotton to the extent which is a record in last ten years. For the first time, this year, my government purchased un-milled food-grains during the Rabbi season.

    11. I am proud to tell that my Government follows the teachings of Saint Gadge baba, who has given us The 10-point dictum. During the Covid period, we reduced the price of Shiv Bhojan meal to just Rs. 5. There are more than 900 Shiv Bhojan centres made functional in the state and more than 2.5 crore needy persons have benefitted of the scheme.

    12. There is no need to distinctly mention that Maharashtra is progressed State in the country. Even during the adverse situation out of Covid crisis, Maharashtra has remained on forefront when it comes to industries, investment and employment generation. Under `Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0’, Maharashtra has attracted investment worth Rs. Two lakh crores by inking memorandum of understanding (MoU) with various leading companies and through foreign direct investment. Employment generation for 2.53 lakh 880 persons will be there through this investment and it is a big achievement of my Government. During lockdown period, financial assistance of Rs. Five thousand was provided to more than one million construction workers and Mathadi workers. The migrated labourers due to lockdown and labourers from other States were provided shelter homes as well as meals was provided to stranded labourers.

    13. My Government is helping deserving youth from the State to fulfil their dreams. We give financial assistance for availing patents to their Start-Ups. Hospitality sector has been accorded industry status to provide a fillip to the tourism in the State. In this sector, while starting new business, one needs to avail only 10 licences now instead of 70. In addition, Agri-Tourism policy has been recently announced to boost rural economy.

    14. Conservation of environment is a responsibility of each one of us and my Government has started ‘My Earth Campaign’ (Mazi Vasundhara) in the State. To curb growing pollution in Mumbai, 808 acres of area from Aarey colony has been declared as a reserved forest.

    15. It is worth to mention that we have declared Kanhargaon in Chandrapur district as a sanctuary. Kanhargaon has become the 50th sanctuary in the State and a nod has been given to 10 new reserved areas for conservation.

    16. My Government gives emphasising to women empowerment. The ‘Nav Tejaswini’ scheme has been announced for empowerment of rural women. This scheme will reach out to one million rural families. E-business platforms are being used to strengthen the network of women’s self-help group (SHG’s) in the State.

    17. We are designing various programs for deprived sections of society. I am confident that by implementing various programs for the people of deprived sections of the society would make them financially empowered.

    18. Information-Technology has made our lives easier. The State Government is trying to make maximum use of IT in its working so that administration becomes more citizens oriented, transparent and faster. To give an example, the process for cast verification will be speedier since it has been made online now.

    19. My Government has prepared Shakti Bill for safety of women. We are creating the first separate women battalion in State Reserved Police Force.

    20. The work of Mumbai Coastal Road, the most ambitious project in the history of Mumbai, is going on in a speedy manner. This project joining Mumbai City Island to western sub-urban areas would be completed soon. The Metro services in cities of Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur will soon become functional so that it will help reduce the pressure on local train service.

    21. ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Prosperity’ highway corridor joining various districts of Maharashtra will become functional soon. The stretch between Nagpur and Shirdi on this corridor will be opened for traffic soon.

    22. I just released Unified Development Control Rules will give boost to construction sector in the State and will pave the way for implementing of cluster scheme. My Government has also taken many important decisions regarding slum rehabilitation. Mhada rule have been amended to provide a relief to lakhs of residents staying in cessed buildings in Mumbai.

    23. The reduction in stamp duty for house purchase has helped revival of construction sector and in addition to helped bringing the State economy to normalcy. During the period of four months between September and December last year, the property registration has increased by 48 per cent while revenue has increased by Rs. 367 crore compared to previous year of 2019 for the same period. After eight decades, the Government has made changes in the 7/12 extract for the first time. Twelve changes like water mark, unique code will result in curbing the irregularities in land matter.

    24. Though schools and colleges were kept closed for safety of students, we stated imparting education via online. An assistance of Rs. 26 thousand will be given to students of scheduled Tribes preparing for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Examinations. For Maratha youth, the dedicated institution ‘Sarathi’ is being strengthened while ‘Mahajoti Training Institution’ has been started for the OBC’s (Oher Backword Class), VJ-NT (Vimukta Jaati-Nomadic Tribes) and SBC’s (special backword class). In addition to these, ‘Amrut Sanstha’ has been established to run various schemes for economically backword sections.

    25. It is always said about the state, `Bahu Asot Sundar, Sampanna Ki Maha, Priya Amucha Ek Maharashtra Desh Ha’, which means even though there could be many beautiful and prosperous lands, I love my Maharashtra. This State is united and will remain united. My Government is working towards making an advanced, progressed and strong Maharashtra by taking every section of society together irrespective of ideology and making available equal opportunity to all for their development.

    26. I want to underline that we all have accountability towards the Constitution of the country. On this day, let’s commit ourselves to the values and ideals enshrined in our Constitution and let’s be dutybound to create a progressive, powerful and inclusive Maharashtra.

    Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra