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प्रशासन विभाग

This Branch deals with:
• the establishment matters of the Secretariat,
• files regarding legislative and constitutional matters including assent to Bills,
• promulgation of Ordinances,
• summoning and proroguing sessions,
• considering mercy petitions,
• approvals to Draft recruitment rules of the department,
• decision on questions as to disqualifications of members of the Legislative Assembly
and Legislative Council cases relating to permission to prosecute public servants,
• review petitions of the State Government employees under Rules 18(1)(i) & 25/25A of the
Maharashtra Civil Services (Disciplines and Appeal) Rules, 1979,
• Annual Administration Reports of the Scheduled Areas of the State,
• Maharashtra Public Service Commission Report and the Report of the Lokayukta,
• Governor's recommendations to the President's Police Medals,
• Medals for Home Guards and Fire Brigades,
• gallantry award cases,
• complaints/grievances of public,
• requests for patronage of various social service institutions and trusts and
• administrative matters of the secretariat staff.

वि‍कास मंडळ विभाग

The Presidential Order entrusted the Governor of Maharashtra with the special responsibility fort the establishment of separate Development Boards for Vidarbha, Marathwada and the rest of Maharashtra and for the matters specified in sub-clause (b) and (c) of clause (2) of Article 371 of the Constitution in respect of the area of each such Development Board. Accordingly, the three Developments Boards have been constituted by the Governor on 25 June 1994. The Deputy Secretary to the Governor (D.B.) is supervising the work of all Development Boards of Maharashtra.

आदिवासी / जनजाती विभाग

शिक्षण विभाग

The Education Branch of the Governor's Secretariat provides secretarial assistance to the Governor in the discharge of his duties as Chancellor of all the Universities in the State. At present there are 20 Universities in the State.

Traditional Universities 11
Agricultural Universities 4
Technological University 1
Open University 1
Sanskrit University 1
Health Sciences University 1
Animal & Fishery Science University 1
  • The Education Branch deals with, among other things:
    • Files relating to the appointment of Vice-Chancellors,
    • Statutes and Ordinances received from all the Universities before they are submitted to the Chancellor for his assent/approval,
    • Appointment of Chancellor's nominees on the Senate, Executive Council, Academic Council,
    • Accounts Committee, Selection Committee, Buildings and Works Committee and
    • Legal Advisory Committee,
    • Convocations,
    • Meetings of the Senate, Executive Council; conferment of Honorary degrees;
    • Meetings of the Joint Board of Vice-Chancellors; Enquiry Committees;
    • Writ Petitions; Appeals; representations; complaints and election petitions received by the Chancellor and
    • Interpretation of the provisions of the University Acts and Statutes.

    लेखा विभाग

    This is a common Branch for the Comptroller of the Household as well as the Secretariat and is responsible for proper control over expenditure, framing of budgets, drawal of pay and allowances, audit objections etc.

    The Accounts Officer is the Drawing and Disbursing Officer for all salary and contingent bills.


    राज्यपालांचे खाजगी सचिव

    मा. राज्यपालांचे खाजगी सचिव मा. राज्यपाल महोदयांचा पत्रव्यवहार पाहतात. तसेच मा. राज्यपालांकडे येणा-या व त्यांचेकडून जाणा-या नस्तींची नोंद ठेवतात. मा. राज्यपालांना लघुलेखनिक म्हणूनमदत करतात, तसेच त्यांची खाजगी स्वरुपाची कामे करतात.

    जनसंपर्क विभाग

    विशेष कार्य अधिकारी तथा जनसंपर्क अधिकारी मा. राज्यपालांचा जनसंवाद व संपर्क विभाग सांभाळतात. राज भवनच्या प्रकाशनांच्या कामातदेखिल त्यांचा सहभाग असतो. राज भवनच्या संकेतस्थळासंबंधी जबाबदारीदेखिल त्यांना देण्यात आली आहे.